Amazon tops the best eCommerce website list due to some very obvious reasons; the eCommerce giant, after all, has 95 million Amazon Prime Members in the US only. Even for 43% of teens, Amazon is their first preference when it comes to shopping online. Let’s add one more, 9 out of 10 consumers check the price of a product on Amazon prior shopping. This is the kind of stats you can expect from the one standing on top! But, shopping on Amazon is not just about adding your products to the cart, making the payment and waiting for the delivery. There are some pro tips for buying on Amazon that can save you time and money. That’s what we are here for!

How to Shop on Amazon to reap the best Benefits?

If you didn’t know it yet, now you will. Here are some amazing ways you can save more.

Saw Price drop after Buying Something? You’re Eligible for a Refund!

price drop

It is so frustrating when you buy something and soon see it going on sale. Thanks to Amazon, you won’t need to suffer because of this. You have all the freedom to speak to Amazon customer care executive, through email, call, or live chat in case you end up seeing a price drop after your purchase. They will provide you with Amazon cashback the difference amount. Make sure that the item is sold and shipped by Amazon, and you must get this done within 7 days of the delivery date, some people have been lucky to get the refund after a week too.

Price Match Refund on Smartphones and Televisions

Again, it feels frustrating when you end up buying something on Amazon and find a lower price on other eCommerce stores such as Best Buy or Costco. Well, again you don’t need to worry about these things due to the Amazon’s price matching policy for smartphones and televisions. It allows you to get the refund for the difference between the price you have paid and the price that you have seen. If you are among those Amazon customers who want to reap the benefits of this policy, then Amazon wants you to contact customer service within 14 days of shipping. If you can’t buy time to talk to someone, you can feel free to drop a mail.

Get Value for your Old Stuff with Amazon’s Trade-in Program

There are trade-in programs like Gazelle that can help you get some money for your tablet or smartphone, though you can get a lot more value when you do the same for Amazon gift card. For instance, on Gazelle, you can trade your old iPhone for $75 and get $225 on Amazon credit. Similarly, you can feel free to trade CDs, DVDs, Games, Books and more. Doubtlessly, trading something on Amazon is not going to provide you with cash but with gift cards, and Amazon will have far better buying options and hence, trading makes absolute sense.

Amazon Warehouse and Amazon Outlet Provide you with the Best Deals on Used and New Products

Amazon’s warehouse, the storage for open boxes and returned products provides tons of products you will surely want that fall under Amazon’s simple money-back guarantee. In addition to this, you can check Amazon Outlet where you can find items with 30% or more discounts. You need to keep in mind that items bought from the warehouse don’t have the original warranty, and they are sorted in categories like Very Good, Acceptable, Like New and more and you must check it before making any buying decision.

Skip the Least Needed to Buy Pocket-friendly Add On items with Pre-order

Amazon provides you with thousands of useful products as add on that include USB drives, lip balms, toilet papers and more. This, in most of the cases, beats your local Walmart prices. The problem arises that you need to meet the minimal order of say $25 to get this deal. You can get this done by adding a pre-ordered product say an unreleased video game or movie to meet the requirement. Amazon charges you nothing until the pre-ordered products are shipped, so in future if you change your mind, so you have the freedom to change your product.

Get Price Drop Alerts with the help of CamelCamelCamel

Wish to buy a product on Amazon at lower price? It’s possible as CamelCamelCamel is the price tracker that sends you to alert with the price of an item you choose goes down. The website also provides an option of price history that enables you to see the fluctuation in the price of a particular item. You do not need to register on the website and at the same time, signing up is enough to provide you with the necessary alerts. It is available for both the Chrome and Firefox.

Without having need to Ship Back, Get Refund or Replacement for a Broken Item

You will never need to ship back any of your products in case you get any broken item. This is surely frustrating to get a broken item, you can tell the same to the customer service agent as they can usually refund the full amount. Let’s say the broken item was shipped by Amazon, in general, you get a replacement order with to claim your issues. And, let’s say the item came from the third-party seller, you can get your peace of mind as well as your money back in 2-3 working days.

Reap Benefits of Quick Sales with the Amazon Coupons and Amazon Quick Box

amazon coupon

Are you among those who wait for Amazon’s Black Friday Lightning Deals? Well, you must know the fact that Amazon keeps this popular for a limited time. Some limited-time sales keep coming on Amazon Gold Box. There is another page called Coupon Page that is dedicated to offering instant discounts on fitness gear and food. Amazon keeps on updating the deals on the Amazon Gold Box and Coupons and hence, you should check them on a regular basis.

 Get your Amazon Prime Two-day Shipping Shared with Four Loved Ones

If you own Amazon prime, you are sure to fall in love with free two-day shipping. Amazon enables you to invite up to four of your loved ones to reap the benefits of fast shipping by going to the “Prime Central” page. The members who enjoy the benefits of fast shipping need to know your birthday, how would it feel if your loved ones won’t know your birthday? Remember the fact that you won’t be able to share access to prime instant video or prime music.

Buy from Third-party Sellers to Avoid Paying Sales Tax

It is not mandatory for Amazon third-party sellers to charge sales tax; there are tons of sellers who don’t charge sales tax. Remember the fact that not all the sellers will hold the sales tax from you, better go over your cart before you checkout.

Summing it Up:

So, hope these tips and tricks will help you enhance your shopping experience on Amazon while saving you a great deal of your hard-earned money and time