As a seller on Amazon, you must be well aware of how important it is to get rankings. It’s the base for your sales and your entire business on Amazon and hence, you need to work consistently for better ranking to strive and survive in the competitive world of Amazon.

Amazon Ranking Factors

Let’s take a look at key factors that influence Amazon seller rank:

Ranking factors for conversion rate

Sales Rank

Sales rank on Amazon is one of the prime factors for higher rankings and the best seller rank lies between 1 to 3, this ultimately means that you are in the top three searches. The potential buyers are more likely to click and buy your product.

Higher sales mean higher ranking; higher rankings mean higher sales, so simple.

Reviews by the Customers

Reviews by the Customers

Amazon wants you to delight your customers and that must reflect in the reviews given by them on your product. Customer reviews are crucial for higher rankings according to the Amazon Ranking A9 algorithm and how you respond to the reviews is also a big factor.

The Images

Suppressed listings, where you need at least one image that is 1000×1000 pixel or larger along with the white background, Amazon continues to be strict with its image policies. This allows Amazon to provide its customers with the Hover-to-Zoom feature that has dramatic effect on the conversion rate.

Answered Questions

The questions and answers are listed close to the top of product page that plays a silent role in the ranking. Amazon won’t let you know about the fact that it gets tracked, Amazon has got the access to that data and this specifically means that it matters when it comes to conversions.


Amazon takes into account the pricing factor so as to determine which products must be show in the buy box, and it is important factor when it comes to determining the conversion rate. People tend to opt for the best possible deal, that’s the reason why you need to be careful while pricing your product.

Bounce Rate and Time on Page

Amazon is smart, tracks every possible way a visitor interacts with the website. It’s easy to understand that the time spent by a customer on your page, and when the customer clicked back or moved to the relevant products. Moreover, Amazon is more precise than Google while tracking bounce rate.

Completeness of Product Listing

Completeness of Product Listing

Every individual section on product listing has something to do with the ranking of the product. More you complete your product page, better it can be for your product ranking. Even if you fill one field in the listing setup, it will have an impact on your rankings.

Ranking factors for relevancy

Product Title

Google wants your title to be concise and engaging, but when it comes to Amazon, all you care about is keywords. You can play with those 80 characters or even can go beyond if you want to. It is advisable to take into account the recent changes made by Amazon in its title policies to frame the best titles.

Bullet Points/Features

Some of the biggest reasons that lead to better ranking are keyword-rich, informative features, you need be very careful while framing these features or bullet points as a lot of focus is sure to be put by Amazon on this particular section.

Product Description

Product description is where you have some freedom and control to provide the details about your products. Make sure to remember that, you don’t need too many keywords used there as even if you have come up with one keyword, you are eligible to get rankings.


amazon product specifications

It is time for you to effectively describe what you are selling, the specification section is crucial where you define size, color, dimension and everything related to the product. For a better understanding of the specification section, you can open any relevant music system on Amazon.

Manufacturer and Brand

You can and you should include the brand at the beginning of the title as it enables you to capture the customers who are searching the product using the brand name and also for the search filters. If customers search your product using a manufacturer’s name, make it your keyword.

Category and Sub-Category

Search on category is fun if you have noticed ever. For instance, if you will enter in the search term “dog food” you will see products related to dog food until you get back to the home page or simply and manually tell Amazon to show you all the categories.

Search Terms

Apart from categories, you have all the freedom to specify search term that you are looking forward to associating with the product. Amazon provides you with five various 50 character search term field, make to use every possible search term you can think for your product.

Source Keyword

amazon keyword research

Here is one of the biggest ways Amazon finds the listing relevance to any specific product search. This is one of the ways Amazon tracks every minute of a customer’s activity on the website. Make sure to construct your product listing URL using the right keyword.

Customer Satisfaction Ranking Factors

Negative Seller Feedback

Amazon claims not to track the negative seller feedback rates, regardless of how bad the feedback is they are all the same and have an impact on your ranking. This is going to count against you and you have to take care of negative feedback on Amazon.

The Speed of Order Processing

Fast and accurate shipping is, without a doubt, one of the best ways to delight customers and Amazon knows it so well. Any seller selling on Amazon has to be consistent and efficient in order processing, and they are more likely to rank higher as compared to the customers who get late deliveries.

In-Stock Rate

Customers never like it when they don’t get the product when they want. These kinds of situations take place when the item is out of stock and seller fails to track the inventory. If you want to obtain good rankings, then take good care of your inventory.

The Bottom Line

These are some of the factors that make you achieve higher rankings on Amazon and make your business stay ahead of the competitive curve. Take every point seriously and get more sales on Amazon.