Winning the buy box is a prime necessity for sellers who want to boost sales on Amazon. It is a mere fact that retailers who are featured on Amazon buy box product page generate more sales.

Whether you are a new seller or someone who is willing to get 100th product in the buy box, you have come to the right place. First, let’s take a look at what’s Amazon buy box and what makes it so important, and then we will reveal the secret!

What is Amazon Buy Box?

amazon buy box

Ever seen the product detail page closely? The right side where customers add products to the cart and make a purchase on-the-go is Buy Box!

Every single product on Amazon has its dedicated detail page. This may include the same products with different sellers and hence, getting the right visibility on the product page of Amazon is a hard nut to crack.

You must remember the fact that Amazon is not only an eCommerce store but also a seller, you need to stick to the Amazon guidelines.

What makes Amazon Buy Box so important?

The sales factor gets involved as when a buyer hits a click on “add to cart” button, the purchase is made from the single buyer and that is the winner of Amazon Buy Box.

Moreover, as there is a “Buy Now” button, it has become more and more important as this ultimately leads to purchase from the owner of the buy box.

How to Win Amazon Buy Box?

Check out these steps and to win Amazon buy box.

Check your Buy Box Eligibility

amazon buy box eligibility

You have to be a subscription-based Professional Seller so as to get the visibility in the Amazon buy box. Some factors include Order Defect Rate, Customer Service Quality, Length of Time on Amazon, Performance Metrics to make you eligible.

Choose the Right Way to Fulfillment

You can do the fulfillment or Amazon has got you covered, the fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) is gaining popularity due to its exciting benefits for buy box and elsewhere. Amazon house does the rest, it includes packing and shipping.

Make Sure to have Cost Effective Landed Price

Affordable prices along with reliable shipping are the second most important factor for sellers looking to win the buy box. You need to make sure that your prices are lower and consistent than other merchants on the site. So many sellers consistently make changes in price to beat the competition.

Optimize Account Health

optimize amazon account health

Seller feedback, customer response, and shipping performance are few things on which customer experience is based. To get where you want to be, the Amazon buy box, you need to optimize the health of your Amazon account.

Pace Up Shipping (Only FBM)

The speed at which you ship products also affect the buy box ownership and it is followed by pricing and availability. Amazon keeps an eye on this and does the calculation on the basis of actual shipping time and the projected shipping time.

Final words:

So, if you are a new seller and looking forward to win the Amazon buy box, it is advisable to follow the above-mentioned points and you will surely get something out of it.