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Become an Armchair Investor, and RELAX!

Vanilla Bee helps you make smart investment decisions, we invest your money in trending products and hence, returns are sure. Our investment specialist have put together successful investment opportunities that yield result.


15% ROI, Year-on-Year!

Not every investment is guaranteed to provide you with returns, investment has always been risky and will continue to be. We have cracked some of the finest investment opportunities that involve least risk, and sure returns. We ensure that you get minimum of 15% returns on investment you make through Vanilla Bee.

Experience Matters!

We are your strategic and executional partners in the journey of growing ROI. We have been helping investors like you for almost 2 decades, establishing lasting business relationships and delivering successful results. Choosing Vanilla Bee as your partner, you can stay assured that your hard earned money is in safe hands.

Transparent Reporting

Communication is the key that hundreds of customers trust us, and utilize our services time and time again. We keep you updated on every step of the journey, and our team provides you with timely reporting so that you know where your money has been invested, and how soon you can expect the returns.

Armchair Investment Model

  • Our team works restlessly to make your investment worthwhile.
  • We find the right product that not only provide good margin, but also sell fast and on regular intervals.
  • Keep tap on competitors inventory levels and pricing to make a fool-proof plan.
  • List the products on a variety of portals that have the potential to sell.
  • Our SEO experts optimize the listings and measure results carefully.
  • We manage customer responses, and everything including returns and exchanges.
  • We ensure that all the customers get personalized, and satisfactory shopping experience.
  • So, let’s sell products faster and allow us to come back with the best possible returns.


  • Minimum investment required- £1000.00
  • We do not handle taxes.
  • Our goal is to boost your ROI.
  • It’s a mutual business relationship.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which products do you select?
We work across several sectors from household items, pharmaceutical to toys. We ensure its a good product, can be procured safely at the right price and that it can sell at a high frequency to sell out in 20-30 days. We won’t be sharing the exact items we buy in order to protect our investors’ investments. As we realize that this information is sensitive, and if unintentionally shared could impact our sales in the market. How so you may ask, well the products identified take into consideration a variety of variables, if the market all of a sudden gets flooded by the product it will affect sales and movement of product. For that reason, we cannot allow for that information to be shared with anyone other than the management level of our team. It protects the business and therefore your money.
If I put some money now, can I add more money to my investment later?
Yes absolutely, you can add or take away, it’s your money, we are just growing it for you.
What happens if you lose my money?

Yes, business has a risk, as do all businesses. We are very careful and we test on products with our own funds first before using your funds here. Also, we have a very robust methods of analysing the criteria for a product to get selected, we also have some excellent partnerships on the ground to assist with any questions we have specifically to a product choice. So the risk is significantly diminished. We have learned, burnt and grown since 2016. Our advice would be, only invest what you feel most comfortable in doing so, as exciting as this opportunity is, you have to decide what works best for you.

How many months have you been profitable?

We have been working on Amazon for the last 12 months, we have lost and recovered money, so we know in depth how we are working in the market. Since March 2018 we have been growing our profit cycle around 20% on average, and we have tested a way to ensure this each time. So far it has worked wonderfully and we anticipate it will continue to do so. We would be using this model to help grow your money.

What's the largest amount I can invest?

We cap our accounts at £200K.  If you have a particular sum you would like to discuss please get in touch and we can look to arrange a bespoke plan.