Amazon is, without a shadow of a doubt, a true blessing for eCommerce sellers. But, it is a mere fact that this blessing comes with a major risk- Amazon account being suspended. This, in turn, adversely affects the business and reputation of the seller.

Every single day, hundreds of Amazon seller accounts get suspended, denied, or banned. Let’s understand the difference between them first. Moreover, we will keep on looking at some exciting fact and figures about Amazon.


Denied is when your appeal gets rejected while leaving you with a choice to submit another POA (Plan of Action).

Account Suspension:

Is your Amazon account suspended? Suspension is when you have got a chance to raise your appeal, with a plan of action.


Banned is when you will no longer be on Amazon, none of your emails will be entertained as your appeal has been rejected more than once.

Why does Amazon suspend accounts?

These actions are taken by Amazon due to three key reasons- selling restricted products, poor performance, and violating Amazon policies. Well, if your Amazon account has recently been suspended, then this piece of article is just for you! It’s time to take a deep breath and enjoy reading.

Quick Tips to Prevent Amazon Account Suspension

So, how to prevent Amazon account suspension? Check out these quick tips:

Remember, Amazon wants Happy Customers

amazon happy customer

How to keep customers happy so that Amazon stays happy with you? You need to maintain a high level of customer satisfaction for which you should keep a close eye on Amazon reports. Be active and very responsive to imperfect orders and returns. Also, make sure to keep an eye on what customers say about you, especially negative feedbacks.

Respond to Customers Quickly through Mobile App

Responding to your customers quickly is more and more important when it comes to selling on Amazon. Ensure that you reply and resolve all the queries of your customers and keep them happy. To do it quickly, all you need is to install the Amazon mobile app so that you can get notifications and respond to the customer in time.

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Check Potential Issues by Reading Listings

Your product descriptions matter a lot on Amazon. You need to ensure that you put the exact and honest description of the product that you are selling on Amazon. Never try to sell a generic product under private label, you need to define Amazon and the customers how your product is different from the existing ones in the Amazon marketplace.

Look at the Bigger Picture

the big picture

Stay alert while buying cheap products from the liquidators, in some of the cases, this can lead to increasing counterfeit claims and Amazon won’t take too many of such claims lightly. You need to make sure that customers don’t damage your seller’s rating and feedback, it is wise to return and refund in some cases as this is a big game.

 Ignore selling Counterfeit Products

No rocket science, risking is not good every time, no matter if you can make some quick bucks with it.

You may need to have a word with Amazon, how should it be done? How should you professionally respond? Check this out:

Creating a Solid POA (Plan of Action)

Remember, your goal is to motivate Amazon for account reinstatement and hence, you should take some time and think a bit before hitting the “Appeal” button.

  • Be professional, don’t beg too much, and be quiet about Amazon processes. Make sure to not to complain about how slow Amazon is, how slow do the Amazon team respond.
  • You need to stay focused on policy matters instead of performance metrics, also keep it simple.
  • Communicate effectively with bullets and numbers, try to ignore big paragraphs. Also, clear the understanding of what went wrong and how you are going to resolve it.
  • If you have already resolved it, include a short introductory paragraph.
  • Ignore to comment on Amazon policies and/or review process, stay focused on resolving the issue.
  • Work your way backward instead of blaming the customer/buyer.
  • Ensure to include all the elements in the POA that caused suspension.

Never Play with the Rules

Submitting a POA is necessary to get your account reinstated. Make sure to learn from your experience and mistakes and also have an effective plan to not to repeat the mistakes again.

Some interesting facts about Amazon

  • Currently, 95 Million people have Amazon Prime Membership in the US
  • Each year, Amazon Prime Members spend $1.4K.
  • 9 out of 10 customers check for a product on Amazon despite finding it on another website
  • 100 Million products were sold on Amazon Prime Day 2018

Hope this will help you prevent your account from getting suspended and enjoy selling on Amazon.